How to give a woman oral sex


How to give a woman oral sex

For women, receiving oral sex, what the Taoists called Tongue Kung Fu, is the quickest way to have their desire brought to a boil and to become fully lubricated. While fingers can work wonders when sensitive and knowledgeable, they are too hard to really romance a woman’s clitoris.(see How to finger a woman)

How to give a woman oral sex how to give a woman oral sex How to give a woman oral sex How to give a woman oral sex
How to give a woman oral sex

How to give a woman oral sex :Tongue Kung Fu

A recent survey concluded that most couples’ relationships are happier when they’re having oral sex. A taboo for many modern couples until the 1960s, oral sex is now a regular part of many people’s sexual repertoire, but most people do not rely on its harmonizing power enough.

How to give a woman oral sex how to give a woman oral sex How to give a woman oral sex How to give a woman oral sex 1
How to give a woman oral sex

For women, receiving oral sex, what the Taoists called Tongue Kung Fu, is the quickest way to have their desire brought to a boil and to become fully lubricated. While fingers can work wonders when sensitive and knowledgeable, they are too hard to really romance a woman’s clitoris. A man’s tongue and lips are more versatile and much better suited to pleasure her supremely sensitive clitoris and her vaginal lips.(see Best way to finger a girl)

It is worth mentioning that the porn industry has invented its own version of oral sex for the camera (in which a man rolls his head back and forth) that has little relationship to actual oral sex off camera. If you have ever watched oral sex in an adult movie, you will know how comical this depiction of the delicate and subtle art of cunnilingus is.

How to give a woman oral sex how to give a woman oral sex How to give a woman oral sex How to give a woman oral sex 2
How to give a woman oral sex


  • STRENGTHEN YOUR TONGUE: Much of the success of “eating” a
    woman depends on the strength of a man’s tongue. The Taoists realized
    this and developed practices to strengthen the muscles of the tongue so
    that this important muscle would be up to the task of pleasing a woman
    at length. The Taoist exercises are elaborate, but to begin with, a man
    can simply stick out and retract his tongue (like a snake) for a minute or
    two to strengthen it.
  • ONLY SKIN DEEP: Even a strong tongue cannot penetrate a woman as
    effectively as a finger or penis, so a man should focus his attention on
    her lips and clitoris.(see How to stimulate the clitoris)
  • LICKING: A man can start at the bottom of the vagina and work his way
    up his partner’s vaginal lips to her clitoris. At the clitoris, he can try
    rolling his tongue back and forth across her hood, spiraling in circles on
    her hood, and flicking up as he teases the clitoris itself.
  • SUCKING: In addition to licking, the mouth is extremely good for sucking
    gently on a woman’s lips and/or clitoris.
  • FINGER LICKING: By eating his partner while inserting a finger into her
    vagina, a man can stimulate both her clitoris and her G spot or other
    spots inside her vagina. This very intense stimulation can send women
    into moans and multiple orgasms.(see How to have multiple orgasms)
  • THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE: There is a powerful triangle of arousal
    between most women’s breasts and their vagina. By stimulating a
    woman’s breasts while stimulating her clitoris, a man can intensify her
    pleasure greatly.
  • DRINKING: The Taoists viewed a woman’s vaginal waters as one of the great elixirs and encouraged men to drink in their partner’s chi from her vagina, or what they called the Jade Chamber. Still, don’t forget toleave enough lubricant (either her juices or your saliva) if planning coital locomotion.(see Why do women squirt)
  • EAT, EAT, EAT: The Taoists were adamant about the value of oral sex for bringing a woman’s waters to a rapid boil and strongly encouraged men to eat their partners until they begged for intercourse.


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